Pauline Farrell

Pauline is a specialist in learning transformation and learning innovation. She has thirty years of experience leading innovations that transform the student and teacher experience and ultimately business transformation. Her most recent senior executive roles have been for Navitas, Pearson, Swinburne University, GO TAFE and Box Hill Institute. Her current major business and research interests focus on the future of work and how education can evolve to meet the emerging needs of the workforce. She works globally across the education sector in curriculum design and development, leadership, education technology and disruptive technologies.
She is a passionate advocate of curriculum, assessment and learning eco-system transformation through co-design and collaboration with industry, students, executives and teachers.


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Bernadette Stumpf

A thirty year veteran of executive roles in the Higher Education sector. Bernadette has spent the last five years as a senior consultant woking on project relating to curriculum, quality and compliance, governance, policy development and transformation.

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Nazar Green

An international multimedia designer with extensive experience in the education sector.

Rachel LePage

A qualified film and television graduate with experience in the education sector filming video assets, storyboarding and project management.

Ruth Benke

A Masters qualified communicator who specialises in copywrite, and junior learning design.

Keira Wright

An award winning writer who is training as a junior learning designer.

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